Top 5 Best UV Sanitizer Wands to Keep Phones, Surfaces, and Rooms Clean

Updated: January 13th, 2022

Germs are everywhere, and they are the main reason for infectious diseases. Most of the sicknesses and hospital visits wouldn’t happen without them. Think about how many items you touch per day, from door handles to borrowed pens, to tabletops — all those things have germs, which scares me. As a germophobe, I carry hand sanitizer everywhere, but I can’t put the liquid on everything, especially electronics and clothes. 

Thankfully, I found UV Sanitizers. At first, I had to do an obsessive amount of research into how they work, then I went ahead and tested multiple products. I was surprised to find that most of them didn’t work as advertised. But after months of testing, I found the absolute best UV sanitizer that I can trust to keep me, my kids, and everyone safe. It’s called the Mobile Klean UV Wand Sanitizer. But before I tell you the full gist, here’s a summary of the five best UV sanitizers I tested. 

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Why Mobile Klean UVC Wand Sanitizer is the #1 Pick

After trying out different brands of UV sanitizers that were not up to standard, I almost gave up on them. I thought my standard was too high until I finally came across Mobile Klean UV wand sanitizer. The product has many positive reviews, and it has many unique features. I decided to try the product, and I found out it was perfect soon after.  

The Mobile Klean UVC wand sanitizer is designed to disinfect and sanitize all kinds of personal care items and requires very little effort. This portable UV wand sanitizer kills more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria, leaving homes and offices germ-free. The wand is very small in size, making it easy to carry around. If portability and efficiency are important to you, you should consider Mobile Klean UV wand sanitizer. Below are some of my reasons for selecting Mobile Klean as the best UV sanitizer in the market. 


Best Cleaning and Sanitizing Solution

Mobile Klean sanitizing wand is a handheld, battery-operated device that uses ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on different surfaces.  The device helps to keep surfaces around my home clean and safe from germs and dangerous viruses. The Portable UV Wand has a three-pronged design that makes it possible to use in different situations. 

I normally use the wand for pet bowls or kennels, door handles, refrigerators, and many more equipment and accessories around my home. I sometimes use it for shoes and laundry as well.  

Easy to Carry Around

The portable UV wand weighs just 2 ounces, so I hardly notice that I’m carrying it around. Most importantly, I can store it right in its storage container when not in use, protecting it from dust and dirt while keeping it handy when needed for a quick germ-killing session.

Safe to Use Around Children

One major reason I switched to using UV wands instead of traditional cleaners is that they are non-toxic and very safe to use around children and pets. Traditional cleaners often contain strong chemicals that are toxic if ingested, and I had kids and pets around. But thanks to Mobile Klean sanitizer, I can now sanitize any item or device in my home without the fear that my kid might ingest it. Its UV strength is also just right, so I don’t have to bother about overexposure. 


Easy Usage and Cleaning System

Mobile Klean UV wand sanitizer is very easy to operate, and it doesn’t require any special setup. After buying it, I simply unboxed it and started disinfecting my home. When in operation, the UV wand emits a bright blue light that activates with a simple push of a button. The UV light kills 99.99% of dangerous microorganisms on hard surfaces, including countertops, tables, floors, keyboards, and more, without any harmful chemicals. 

Can be Taken Anywhere

The Mobile Klean wand’s greatest advantage is its portability, making it perfect for a wide range of situations. I can use the wand anytime, anywhere. Whether traveling, at a theme park with my kids, or visiting family and friends, I can easily carry it along. Aside from its portability, it also comes with a sleek design and modern look that makes it an attractive accessory for any home. 


Mobile Klean UV wand comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. The device’s longevity goes above and beyond one year. If you are looking for a UV sanitizer that will stand the test of time, the Mobile Klean wand is your best bet. The device is not just effective, but it will also serve you for years. 

The Most Effective UV Sanitizer I tested

The Mobile Kleen Portable Handheld Sanitizing System is a powerful, portable device that utilizes ultraviolet light to sanitize and eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from virtually any surface in your home or office. Mobile Klean UV wand sanitizer works very quickly, usually just seconds after activation, making it great for cleaning anywhere, anytime. Mobile Klein’s new Ultraviolet wand sanitizer uses its state-of-the-art technology to eliminate all forms of germs, viruses, or bacteria in its vicinity. 

Impressive Features and Design

Mobile Klean is a sanitizing device that is perfect to use on the go. Its compact size and ease of use make it an ideal solution for my sanitizing needs. The sanitizer is self-sufficient and cost-effective, as it doesn’t require additional expenses like buying other cleaning or sanitizing agents. It is also environmentally friendly. 

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