Top 5 Best Electric Plasma Lighters in 2022 (#1 Rechargeable Survival Lighter Reviewed)

Updated: Feb 12nd, 2022

Lighters have often been considered a cheap, disposable necessity. People want to set fires for camping, smoking, or grilling and they want their fires fast. Lighters are bought in large packs and discarded as soon as they are out of fuel. Many people do not think twice about purchasing the cheapest lighter possible, regardless of the long term value that the best plasma lighter can bring. But lately, there has been a significant change in manufacturers’ thinking regarding lighters. There has been a change in peoples thinking too regarding plastic waste, and reusable rather than disposable is the new way forward.

I’m not too fond of matches and normal lighters because they’re hardly wind-resistant. You often have to light a couple before getting a flame stable enough to make a fire. Out there, survival lighters are a better choice because they last longer, can withstand wind, and are always available to use on the go without hassles. I got around to purchasing and testing some electric plasma lighters to find out which ones are worth your money.

We analyzed all the plasma lighters on the market and picked the best ones based on these factors:

  1. Battery capacity
  2. Design
  3. Durability
  4. Rechargeable or not
  5. Price

Here are some solid lighters we’d recommend. 

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Why Stealth Arc Lighter is the #1 Pick?

You never know the situation you might find yourself in that would require you to make a fire for survival purposes. At times like these, not being able to light one quickly might bear potential danger, which is why you need to be prepared at all times. When going on a hiking or camping trip, I always went with a box of matches till one day, it rained, and my matchbox got soaked. I couldn’t light a fire to keep warm, and it wasn’t a great experience. After that incident, I decided survival lighters were one of the best emergency tools to have. 

I wanted to get a survival lighter that could withstand wind, be waterproof, durable, and would work perfectly for a long time without having to replace it frequently. In a bid to get this type of lighter, I bought and tested a couple of survival lighters, and I did find one that met all my requirements, and that’s the Stealth Arc Lighter. It ticked my boxes and even surpassed them. The Stealth Lighter is not just a lighter, it is a fantastic innovation, and there are several reasons why I think so, and I’ll be sharing them with you. 

Health Consideration

I was surprised to find out that the Stealth electric lighter was flameless. It was almost unbelievable, but after purchasing it, I can assure you that it’s true. Stealth Lighter uses a Dual Arc technology that makes it work without producing smoke or flame. I find it amazing because most lighters use toxic fuels to function, which can be unsafe since you’d most likely be inhaling the smoke. With Stealth Lighter, your health comes first because it is designed not to emit hazardous gases and smoke. 

Design, Feature, and Ease of Use

One thing I love about the Stealth Lighter is its military-style design that’s unique and very different from other survival lighters being sold. It is also designed in a way that makes it compact and easy to carry around comfortably and it is barely noticeable. You can just put it in your pocket or backpack, and you’re good to go. Since it is a rechargeable lighter, it also comes with a charging cable for charging. 


My lighter charged for two hours, and after I fully charged it, I used it for a very long time. The Stealth Lighter can even last for up to 300 hours before the next charge! Using it is also straightforward. I don’t enjoy messing around with a gadget before I get the hang of it, which is why I like that with just the press of a button, my Stealth lighter was already lit with a flame for use.

Great For Any Weather Condition

When trying out some of the other survival lighters, I noticed that they flickered a lot when there was wind, making it difficult to have a stable flame. However, the Stealth Lighter was different because it was 100% wind-resistant. Even when I mistakenly dropped it in a pool of water, I was amazed to find that my lighter still worked perfectly well. Whatever the weather conditions might be, Stealth Lighter has got you covered.

High Longevity Span

It might be easy to find a good lighter, but it’s not as easy trying to get a lighter that would last for a very long time. Due to its sturdy design, Stealth Lighter lasts longer than most lighters sold in the markets. It is produced from rubberized plastic that is very tough and can withstand trauma, and is not easily prone to wear. Another reason why the Stealth Lighter lasts long is that it uses Dual Arc technology and doesn’t run on fuel. It also doesn’t require daily charging, so it is much easier for the lighter to last for a long time.

Affordable Price and Easy Shipping

For a 50% discount, you can get 1 Stealth Lighter for $39.95, which is entirely appropriate, considering how long and well you’re going to use the product. If you buy more than one, you can get it as low as $23.95. 

Purchasing it and shipping it was also pretty straightforward for me. First, I had to fill a form for my shipping information. Then, I made a payment via PayPal. However, you can use your credit card as long as it is acceptable by the manufacturer. It was stress-free, and everything I ordered came intact in a matter of days. When you order, be rest assured that your order will arrive as stipulated. 

Stealth arc lighter is my number one survival lighter because it is the future of all fire-starting lighters. It is convenient, portable, lasts long, and is extremely useful for lighting up anything. If you are ever in need of an ideal survival lighter, think of the Stealth lighter! 

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