Top 5 Best Key Finders (Wallet Trackers) - Krack Your Keys, Purse, Pet and More

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

We’ve all been guilty of forgetting where we’ve placed our keys. 

All ready to go out but end up realizing that our car key is not in its usual place. So, instead of heading out, we end up doing an unplanned scavenger hunt only to find out that our keys are either inside one of our jackets, stuffed at the bottom of the gym bag, or on the kitchen counter with the rest of the groceries. It’s one of the unavoidable parts of being human. 

But thanks to the key finders available today, we can easily and conveniently locate our lost keys without losing hours. Finding the best key finder, however, can be difficult. And we’ve been on a long quest to find the perfect key finder that offers all the necessary features. 

So, to make your job easier, here’s our selection of the best key finders available in the market today.

This small yet powerful smart tracking tag is quickly becoming one of the most reliable trackers on the market today. It uses Bluetooth technology to track things for up to 75 feet, which is more than enough in a home setup.

This key & wallet finder is made to work straight from its packaging. And it is made of premium and high-quality components with a battery that lasts for one year. We love how it delivers on helping you locate your lost items. 

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Why Nerlos Locator Is Our #1 Pick

We are leaning towards the Nerlos Locator as our key finder of choice because it meets our criteria of an excellent key finder.

Range and Connection

The Nerlos Locator offers more than adequate range and connectivity and enables us to connect to our phones via Bluetooth in mere seconds. Additionally, it goes beyond 75 feet as its standard range, which is enough to locate your missing valuables.

We appreciate its easy “lost-and-found” concept. With a press of a button, the Nerlos tag you place in your keys or wallet will start emitting loud beeping sounds, notifying you of where you’ve misplaced your things.

If you set this Locator on your phone and trigger it with any of the Nerlos tags, your phone will also start ringing.


The Nerlos Locator is not just limited to keys; you can use it for anything and everything. 

Can’t find your remote control? The Nerlos Locator will automatically inform you whether it’s pushed back under the mantle or stuffed under the couch cushions. Is your dog in the habit of running off on neighborhood explorations? Simply place this locator under your dog’s collar, and you can easily track your pup’s each and every movement.

Not only does it work well with lost items and pets, but you can also try putting it in your child’s pocket when you’re going to the park. It’ll give you some additional peace of mind knowing where your kid is at all times. The instant alert on Nerlos will warn you when your kid wanders off, allowing you to take action in real-time.

User Friendliness and Ease of Use

One of the best advantages of using the Nerlos Locator is its user-friendliness. We like how uncomplicated it is as it allows you to complete the setup within minutes. 

You can attach Nerlos to any valuables you want to trace and register the Nerlos Locator on your phone using its corresponding app. Once these steps are completed, you will immediately get visibility for that specific item.

Battery Life

With a battery life that lasts for a year, you can rest assured that you now have your tracking and locator system in place for 12 whole months. There is no need to charge it routinely. 

Where To Buy the Nerlos Locator

Visit the manufacturer’s site so you can place an order for your Nerlos Locator. 

Go to the Nerlos Locator ordering page, select the order quantity, and provide your payment and shipping information. 

This key finder is regularly priced at $46.14. But there is a running promotion on their website, so that you can get it for a discounted price of $29.99. You can also avail of their bundled deals and get nearly 55% off.

How To Use Nerlos Locator

Using the Nerlos Locator is very easy. You simply need to attach the Nerlos tag to whichever item you want to track. Then, use the Nerlos app to register the Nerlos Locator on your phone. Activate the alarm, and you can immediately find whatever you need to.


The Nerlos Locator can be a life-changing device, saving you plenty of time and frustration when trying to find your lost keys.

It offers everything you’d want in a key finder and more. It’s a simple yet handy device that can be used for most things, guaranteeing functionality and making it worth your money.

You’re still going to misplace your keys, phones, or wallet, but with the Nerlos Locator, we are confident that you’ll find them in just a few seconds.

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