Top 5 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Home, Cars, Pet Hair

Updated: August 17, 2023

Handheld vacuum cleaners are such handy life-saving devices to have in your home. From having a lightweight and compact vac to cleaning up impossible crevices, handheld vacuum cleaners are better for cleaning than the contemporary vacuum. For me, having kids and pets made getting a handheld vacuum cleaner a necessity and not just a choice.

I admit that I’m not the most excited to vacuum clean my entire house, and in my years of using and testing vacuum cleaners, I learned that handheld vacuums make the job easier. Most importantly, they get the job done! Finding vacuum cleaners isn’t the challenge here. There are tons on the market and at your local store. 

The challenge is finding the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner that does the job best. I went ahead and tested well over 13 handheld vacuum cleaners (for the culture) for weeks, here are the results-

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Why Clean Jett Portable Vacuum Cleaner is the #1 Pick

Clean Jett ended up being leagues ahead of all the vacuums we tried. It passed all our tests with flying colors, including the most important one – picking up more debris than any other vacuum we tested it against.

Many of Clean Jett’s fantastic benefits are due to its new features, which have never been seen in a vacuum of this kind until now. All the other brands out there need to take note – this is the next-gen tech we need for 2022.

Using the latest advances in cyclone jet technology, its powerful torque cleaner is able to suck up an astonishing amount of dirt and debris for its small size – delivering a combination of power and portability we’ve never seen from a vacuum of its kind before.

Under controlled testing, Clean Jett was able to pick up 3x more debris than the next best handheld vacuum, but what makes it even more impressive is its incredible battery life considering the amount of power it has.

Not only was it able to easily pick up food and larger debris, Clean Jett worked just as well on more stubborn materials, sucking up hair, dust, fine dirt and grime. It was pretty much able to vacuum up anything that wasn’t nailed down – so be careful when using it around jewelry or coins – this thing is strong!

But all that quality would have been useless if the battery life wasn’t up to scratch. Thankfully – Clean Jett excels there too. It charges at lightning speeds, and in real world usage it was able to run at full blast for a massive 30 minutes continuously, which is insane when you consider just how small this thing is. And that’s another thing – its size makes it so versatile too. Whether you’re using it at home to clean up after the kids, or want one to keep in the car to ensure it stays clean and tidy – Clean Jett has you covered in every situation. Plus its range of handy attachments are perfect when you want to clean those hard to reach places where a full-size vacuum struggles.

And then there’s the build quality. Boy is this thing durable! It’s built to withstand major knocks, drops and punishment, giving you industrial level durability, while feeling like a premium home appliance with its pleasingly aesthetic design. It’s so easy to clean too. You just press a single button to empty it into the trash without any overspill or mess. And they back it all up with a cast iron money back guarantee too, giving a level of trust that many of the other devices we tested weren’t willing to provide.

Considering all the above, what shocked us most about Clean Jett though was the price. We assumed this handheld vacuum would be prohibitively expensive with all the features it packed in, so when we saw just how affordable it is, we were blown away. And considering it comes with a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

If you want the best handheld vacuum cleaner on the market that delivers incredible suction, power and battery life – Clean Jett is our number one choice.

Clean Jett Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Full Review

Perfect for All Kinds of Particles and Surfaces

While the Clean Jett takes care of all the stains and particles on the floor or couch, it is also suitable for other surfaces. This little device gets rid of unwanted gunk quickly and efficiently, from couches and rugs to tables and car compartments. I trust this handy little device to keep all of my furniture in pristine condition. 

Nozzle and Hose For Easy Access

The Clean Jett vacuum cleaner is specially designed to help you get in those tricky corners and crevices that you usually wouldn’t be able to reach with a larger vacuum cleaner. It comes with four accessories, including a brush nozzle that expels dirt in narrow spaces and a hose for cleaning inaccessible places that would otherwise be a pain to clean.

True HEPA filter

HEPA filters are so efficient that they can filter out at least 99.7% of dust, pollen, mold, and many other particles. The Clean Jett has a super-efficient HEPA filtration made of stainless steel! Why is this important? A stainless steel HEPA filter means easy reusability and durability, so you can remove the filter and wash it in order! On my thorough search for the best handheld vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022, I discovered that this type of filter is undoubtedly the best for the most effortless use and is more durable.

Easy to Use

The Clean Jett isn’t a complicated gal. It is so easy to use and understand, an important feature I found lacking in many other brands and models out there. When shopping for home maintenance devices, I love to prioritize easy use, assembly, and cleaning over anything else. Many mini vacuum cleaners are difficult to assemble, operate, and most especially, empty. The Clean Jett gave me no hassles, and I was able to get all my cleaning done in no time! All I have to do is pick it up, attach the necessary add-ons like the brilliant vacuum hose or brush nozzle, and clean away.

Compact and Lightweight

Shaped no larger than a thermos, the Clean Jett is lightweight and extremely compact. I just put it on my shelf or in my car and reach for it whenever I need it. Although it is small, this handheld vacuum cleaner is sturdy and obviously of high quality. 


Despite being incredibly useful, low maintenance, and effective, the Clean Jettis not outrageously expensive. In fact, I expected it to be over $200 after I read all about its features. Instead, the Clean Jett is affordable (at only $79), because they have a 50% discount. What can I say? I just might have found a best friend in a mini vacuum cleaner, and that’s okay!

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