Top 5 Best Hair Dryer Brushes (Hair Stylers) Ranked

Updated: August 17, 2023

Some viral beauty tools are a flash in the pan, but it’s safe to say the hair dryer brush is here to stay. Combining the two integral tools needed for an at-home blowout—that would be a blow dryer and a round hair brush—these hot-air brushes conveniently dries, styles, straightens, and smooths hair simultaneously, drastically cutting down on the time it takes to do your hair each day. If you know your way around a round brush, you’ll be an instant pro with this two-in-one tool (and even if you don’t, they’re a breeze to pick up). Here, find out which of the best blow-dry brushes is your perfect match.

These products come in a variety of styles and features. The popular brands cost $500-$700 for a single hair styler.

We decided to test out a wide range of hair stylers to determine which was the best on the market. We looked at the high-end models from well-known brands, like Dyson, as well as products from lesser recognized companies and newer companies.

Our goal is to find the very best, no matter the price.

Let’s just say we were shocked by the outcome. The big brands with those huge price tags did of course come in at the top, but not at #1!

That’s right, our test winner was from a smaller company. It outshined the competition by providing just as much versatility and function without the high price tag. It’s impossible to recommend something that’s priced higher that doesn’t create any significant difference.

Hair Stilia perfectly combines the functions of a traditional hair blow dry, straightening, curling, and hair comb. This air wrap styler can provide styling variety and excellent results for all hair types.

Create stunning curls, gorgeous blowouts, enviable waves, and so much more. Save time, stress, and hassle and feel confident!

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Dyson Airwrap




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Revlon One Step



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Remington Pro




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Hot Tools One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer



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Why Hair Stila is the #1 Pick?

The Hair Stila was my number one pick for a reason. Not only did he give me everything I was looking for when it came to getting ready for my morning routine, but it also simplified that routine and made it easier.

I’m going to walk through the top 5 features that made the Hair Stila win this hair styling product Roundup.

Multiple Styling Options—5 Styling Attachments

Easily the best selling point of the Hair Stila was the fact that it came with 5 styling attachments. I didn’t have to bounce back and forth between different devices and worry about which one of my hair care stylers was plugged in and heating up or not.

Each of these five styling attachments works like a dream. I was getting salon-quality blowouts as well as perfectly symmetrical curls in no time with the Hair Stila. This was definitely the hairstyling device I had been looking for.

Easy to Use Design

One of the things I kept a close eye on while trying out the Hair Stila was how easy it was to use. They were two features that really stood out when it came to making the Hair Stila easy to figure out.

The first was the simple snap-on features that connected the different styling attachments. All you have to do is push a button on the base of the handle to pop an attachment off and then snap a new one back in place. There was no worrying about having to twist or break anything.

Then it was a power cord. Not only was it long enough to make my morning routine easy, but it also rotated, and it’s base a full 360 degrees. This meant that the cord wasn’t getting twisted, and it really wasn’t a risk of accidentally unplugging in the middle of a style.

Hair Protection!

Now I want to talk about one of the most important things when it comes to the Hair Stila.

I’m definitely guilty of styling my hair more than I probably should. This means that damage is a big concern when it comes to achieving the looks I want to get.

The Hair Stila takes an interesting approach to this problem. While most other hair styling devices go for extreme temperatures, the Hair Stila goes for innovative design instead.

Temperatures are kept below while using the Hair Stila. This means I was at a much lower risk for damaging my hair.

That alone made the Hair Stila a contender for the number one pick.

Match Your Style

The Hair Stila is all about customizing your style. This includes the design as well.

I was surprised to see the Hair Stila came in a variety of color options. I could choose something that matched the decor in my bathroom or pick something that fit in with my fashion sense.

While this didn’t have a direct impact on my hairstyle, it did make me more motivated to use the Hair Stila. I was happy I finally had a hair styling device that worked with my goals and my aesthetic.

Professional Style in No Time

If you’re looking to get a professional style in no time, the Hair Stila is the device that you’ve been looking for.

The Hair Stila can easily handle straight, wavy, curly, and any other style you are looking to accomplish. It does this all without the extreme heat that could damage the hair you’re trying to style.

It also feels like the salon experience.

Most of the devices have me worried about accidentally burning my neck or my fingers, but the low temperature to signs of the Hair Stila made this as carefree as visiting my stylist.

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