Top 5 Best Gua Sha Tools (Jade Stones) of 2022

Updated: Jan 14th, 2022

Is your face all bloated and dry when you check your mirror in the morning? That puffiness is a result of toxin or fluid buildup during sleep. That was me every morning, trying to relieve the tension in my face muscles with my hands. No matter what I tried, I spent half the day looking bloated and dealing with migraines. Thankfully, I heard of Gua Sha on social media since it was getting massive engagement — hundreds of millions of views, at least on most platforms. 

At the time, I didn’t trust it, so I asked a beauty therapist, and she told me it had existed for ages, originating in Eastern Asia about 700 years ago. Now that it was hitting the limelight, I had to give it a test. I bought a couple of the best-reviewed Gua Sha tools and tested them myself. I finally found the right Gua Sha tools to deal with all my symptoms, and I’ll tell you all about it. First, let’s see the results of my tests.

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Why Pure Gua Sha is the #1 Pick?

Most of the Gua Sha brands I’ve used had some issues. Those that weren’t too expensive were sort of difficult on my face. And although some others worked, some of them broke too easily. When I got my hands on Rose Quartz Pure Gua Sha, it felt different to the touch, and I knew it was something special. 

My first use was exceptional. All the puffiness disappeared in only a few up and down strokes. My migraine usually takes a few hours to subside, although lesser with other Gua Sha tools, but Pure Gua Sha had it gone in minutes. I felt my veins open up and my blood finally circulating freely.

After many uses over a week, I noticed that some of the fine lines in my chin and neck were finally disappearing! None of the other tools I used did anything about that. Speaking of necks, a friend also reported relief in neck pain with Pure Gua Sha after only three days. These and more are the reasons why Rose Quartz Pure Gua Sha stands out — with others far behind.

Cleanses all Impurities

The Pure Gua Sha scraper effectively unbloats my face by drawing out toxins, impurities, and liquids from my skin. It keeps me looking younger and fresher each day. Some of the Gua Shas I used caused irritations on my skin, but Rose Quartz Pure Gua Sha was different. I also noticed no side effects of using it, which made it perfect for me.

Great for Tension and Migraine

Work can get stressful, and I often come home tired, and anywhere from my heels to my neck and face can seem tense. Thanks to Gua Sha, I massage any painful spots for a few minutes, and I can immediately feel relief. Even my headaches subside after I massage my scalp  — and it’s pretty soothing when I‘m using it.

Great Anti-bloating Agent

I started using Gua Sha on my face because I always had a bloated face in the mornings. While other Gua Sha Tools could not give me the results I desired, the Pure Gua Sha did the perfect job. Rose Quartz scraper is perfectly shaped and textured for endless face rubbing without any side effects, so I can keep rubbing till I fully recirculate my blood flow, which removes the bloating.

Portable and Beautifully Packaged

I received my Rose Quartz Pure Gua Sha tool in a nice gift box that also came with an information sheet. The Gua Sha itself is a high-quality tool made by hand. As I suspected, it lasts a long time. It weighs 295 grams (10 ounces}. The tool is about 4 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide, making it very easy for me to carry along. I use the Gua Sha at home, outdoors, or even at the office without stress. 


Has a Soothing Vibration

I love how the Gua Sha tool vibrates on my face. It constantly vibrates soothingly. The vibrating feature also makes it possible for the skin to absorb any active ingredients in the Gua Sha easily. 

Stabilizes the Body System

The Gua Sha is used to massage and stimulate the skin, assist in detoxification and help with blood circulation in the body. I also use it as a stress reliever. It also normalizes blood pressure, reduces sore muscles, and helps me to sleep better. All these are proven benefits of Gua Sha, and it makes sense that it works this way since it removes any blockages in your system. This, in turn, makes it operate better.

Improves Self Esteem

Frankly, Pure Gua Sha jade stone and scraper has helped me regain my confidence. It is a great feeling to be admired by everyone I come across. I also have positive energy and vibe each time I use the stone. This happens because the stone detoxifies my channels and improves blood and chi flow. 

When this happens, I’m suddenly in a better mood, and I feel a bounce in my step since nothing is weighing me down within. From within, I radiate confidence all day long. That alone is why I’ll never stop using Gua Sha.

Authentic and Affordable

It’s very rare to see this quality of authentic gua sha for sale, especially at such an affordable price. After using so many Gua Shas, I was glad I found the Pure Gua Sha tool. I haven’t had a reason to search for any more tools since I started using the Gua Sha. 

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