Top 5 Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions of 2022

Updated: January 14th, 2022

We’ve all been there — driving to your local drugstore looking to pick up some vitamins and supplements, but there are so many options that it feels overwhelming. Now imagine getting a monthly shipment of curated vitamin packs based on your genetic makeup – no more guesswork, just the right vitamins, and supplements that have been proven to help you feel your best! That’s what you get with personalized vitamin packs and supplements, which are designed specifically to help you feel vibrant and energetic throughout the month.

Due to my busy work schedule, I usually have trouble finding the time to eat the right balance of nutrients throughout the day. I decided to increase my vitamin intake. I started subscribing to some personalized vitamin packages.

Despite the many personalized vitamin subscriptions I tried using, I noticed that none of them could effectively meet my needs.  My nutritionist then told me about a new company that could supply all my monthly needs in a single subscription. He introduced me to Autumn DNA, and it has been an interesting experience ever since. Before I talk more about Autumn DNA, here are the top five personalized vitamin subscription packages I’ve tried.

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"Best in the market"

3,175 Reviews

HUM Nutrition




2,489 Reviews

Ritual Vitamins




12,31 Reviews

Care/of Vitamins



"Very Good"

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Persona Vitamins



"Not bad"

412 Reviews

Exclusive 50% Off Discount on First Month



"Best in the market"

3,175 Reviews

Why Autumn DNA is My Number 1 Pick

Two months ago, I decided to try out Autumn DNA, which promised to deliver healthy vitamin packs tailored to my specific genetic needs each month. I was intrigued by the idea of a subscription service that would ensure that I got the right nutrients every day without me having to think about what supplements to buy. 

When I first applied for the subscription, I did my DNA test with the kit (which, by the way, was very cheap), and I also took an online lifestyle quiz. The quiz was a questionnaire about my health goals and lifestyle preferences. The company then used the DNA and quiz results to determine the perfect vitamins and supplements that suit my needs. I was shocked and impressed after seeing how accurate their results were. Before I get ahead of myself, here are the reasons Autumn DNA is my favorite.

Provides the Right Vitamins

I signed up for the monthly subscription of personalized vitamin packs, and I was also given the option to purchase individual packs of specific vitamins or supplements whenever I needed them. After signing up for Autumn DNA and presenting my DNA and quiz results, I started receiving my monthly supply of vitamins in customized vitamin packs according to my goals and results. 

Before now, I had to depend solely on my nutritionist’s recommendation on the best vitamins to buy. These vitamins weren’t always accurate, and on many occasions, I had to consume vitamins I didn’t need.  With Autumn DNA, everything is easy and perfect.

Relatively Affordable

Personalized vitamin packs are usually much more costly than typical multivitamins, as they target a specific set of problems. Naturally, I expected a hefty price tag for Autumn DNA, but I was pleasantly surprised. Their package is much cheaper than other brands, and they provide much better and reliable services.

Effective Vitamins and Supplements

Thanks to Autumn DNA’s customized multivitamins, I can now get all the vitamins and supplements I need in one package. All the vitamins and supplements are matched to my unique genes, which means I can get all of the nutrients my body needs without having to buy dozens of vitamins. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, which is why I always look forward to the next month. Since I started taking these personalized vitamins, I have been healthier, with more energy than I ever had before.


Helps to Alleviate Stress

It’s hard to relax with so much on my mind, which sometimes leaves me feeling tense, stressed out, or even anxious.  I tried taking different kinds of vitamins to help relieve stress, but I never got the desired result. Since I started the Autumn DNA monthly subscription, I feel relaxed, no matter how stressful my day may have been.


Keeps People Healthy

My regular diet does not meet my nutritional needs, as certain nutrients are always missing. Autumn DNA’s multivitamin package helps fill that gap and make sure I have everything I need for optimal health. The vitamins and supplements help me maintain a healthy weight and ward off diseases. The great thing about the package is that I no longer worry about over-or under-ingesting certain vitamins since a single pill per day contains all my body needs.

Discount Currently Available

One of my major challenges with some of the vitamins I tested was that they were over-priced and, most times, didn’t deliver on their numerous promises. Things changed when I started using Autumn DNA. Although their personalized vitamin subscription is cheaper and more effective than most, they still offer a whopping 50% discount for their subscription for the first month. This meant that I didn’t have to pay full price for the first time, yet I got the best deal on the market.

Swift Customer Service

Before applying for the monthly subscription, I expected the process to take weeks before I started getting my monthly delivery. However, this was not the case as it only took four days for the company to analyze my data, which involved analyzing over 500 SNPs. It was surprising since most personalized vitamin brands took 3-4 weeks for data analysis. 

Exclusive 50% Off Discount on First Month



"Best in the market"

3,175 Reviews

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