Top 5 Best Bone Conduction Headphones of 2023

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Do you find yourself constantly removing your earbuds to be better able to hear your surroundings? Noise-canceling headphones can be great, but they are not the best choice for everyone. 

For example, for people with tinnitus, hearing issues, as well as those who like working out outdoors, bone conduction headphones are a much better choice. Bone conduction headphones, also commonly referred to as bone phones, work by sending vibrations through your jaws and cheekbones up towards your inner ear. These headphones are often used by scuba divers, people experiencing hearing loss, as well as for military communications.

Bone conduction headphones help increase awareness of your surroundings, thus allowing you to remain connected to the outside world while having a great listening experience. So, if you’ve been interested in exploring bone conduction headphones, we’ve tested a wide variety and curated a list of the best 5 bone conduction headphones available today.

Inductivv bone conduction headphones offers a one-of-a-kind listening experience that ensures your safety by maintaining your awareness of your environment while also ensuring that the sound quality is not compromised.

It has a sleek and foldable design that makes it ideal for all activities, be it sitting around listening to podcasts or jamming out to your favorite music while cycling. It is a recommended gear for all activities and consistently delivers clear and crisp audio.

Inductivv’s performance and reliability have been proven to be the best in the industry. No wonder it has been featured in several communication outlets like Mashable, Digital Trends, 9to5Mac, XDA Developers, and Gizmodo.

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"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews

Horizon Neo Bone Conduction Earpiece




1,638 Reviews

Aftershokz Aeropex




2,489 Reviews

MilanSo Bone Conduction Headphones




12,31 Reviews

Oaxis myFirst Headphone BC



"Very Good"

913 Reviews

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"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews

Why Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones Is Our #1 Pick ?

Having tested some of the best bone conduction headphones, Inductivv remains our favorite. 

Here are some features that set Inductivv apart from its competitors:

Excellent Comfort and Fit

Inductivv headphones are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. You can wear them for hours without feeling any discomfort or ear fatigue.

The Inductivv has a pain-free and bud-free slim design, which makes it ideal for extended periods of listening usage. We used this for almost the entire day, and it didn’t cause any uneasiness.

Promotes Environment Awareness

The location of the speakers of these headphones has been chosen carefully to play the music straight to our ear canals, while also ensuring that it does not overpower and block out surrounding noises.

This is an essential feature because accidents happen, and the least we want is to encounter any misfortune just because our headset was too distracting.

Inductivv allows us to place a higher priority on max situational awareness while still offering you exceptional sound quality.

Better Connectivity

Another major advantage of this headphone is that it’s easy to connect it to any of your Bluetooth devices. This makes it very practical and convenient because you can use any of your Bluetooth gadgets with the Inductivv. It offers you the flexibility of enjoying portable listening.

Can be Used for Various Activities

You could try using the Inductivv headphones while doing your fitness routine, which includes running and cycling. We tried it and found that the product stays in place regardless of whatever exercise or sports you indulge in.

Thanks to its built-in microphone, you are also able to easily receive and make calls and have crystal clear audio with minimal to no audio issues. The Inductivv functions perfectly well without any glitches.

Quality Make

Made of rubber and plastic, this bone conduction headphone is built to last. It has a sturdy and robust build while still being lightweight. The headphones ensure unmatched comfort with their bud-free and pain-free design. 


Bone conduction headphones are undeniably the future of pain-free, hassle-free portable listening. And with a bone conduction headset like Inductivv, you get to experience audio like never before. 

This product prioritizes your safety by keeping you aware of your surroundings while maintaining an overall clear and pleasant listening experience. It has a sleek design, offers effortless ease of use, and we love how it was able to keep up with all our activities.

It has been an audio-changing experience to be introduced to a product that strikes a perfect balance between safety and functionality.

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"The best in market"

3,731 Reviews

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