How to Take Your Next Eye Exam at Home & Get Your Glasses Online (Right From Your Couch)!


Jan 3rd, 2022 Updated

Written By Justin, L | The Elite Report


People have been using technology to keep track and improve their own health for years. Glucose monitors and blood pressure trackers have all gone high-tech, so shouldn’t your vision test get the same treatment?

Now, MIT has patented a technology that allows you to take your vision test at home – putting you in control of your own EyeGlass Numbers.

The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is a game-changer that won’t just make getting your next pair of prescription glasses convenient – it’s cheaper too!

With so much uncertainty in our health climate, your daily routine might feel a little… upside down right now.

Something as simple as going in to update your vision prescription now feels like it might be riskier than necessary.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for taking your next eye exam from the comfort of your home without having to worry about social distancing or whether your doctor’s office is even open!

Best of all, you can order your new glasses right from the couch, helping you save time and money. Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary technology that lets you take a fully-functional eye exam simply by using the smartphone that’s already in your hand.

Presenting The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker

In just under 3 minutes, the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker (an MIT-patented technology) will turn your smartphone into an optometrist-approved vision test that’s so easy to use, anyone can do it!

How The EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker Works

Ready to take your next vision test right from home?

All you have to do is attach EyeQye to your phone and follow the on-screen instructions. The test is easy to execute with these step-by-step guidelines. You’ll be able to adjust two lines (one red, one green) using buttons on your phone until they blend into a single yellow line.

The test gives you all of the essential eye measurements you’ll need to order your glasses online – including Sphere, Cylinder and Axis readings.

That’s all there is to it! You can skip the unnecessary expense of a professional vision exam, helping you save big bucks on your next vision prescription.

And in case you haven’t heard, even optometrists are excited about the future of vision exams with EyeQue.

Why In-Office Eye Exams Are A Thing Of The Past

EyeQue allows you to take multiple eye exams in minutes without paying a doctor’s office, or leaving your home and putting your health at risk.

This is the reason why EyeQue is so effective at getting you the perfect prescription glasses (especially online!). By taking more than one eye exam, EyeQue has an algorithm that will find your optimal Eye Glass Numbers across multiple tests.

When you go in for an eye exam with your optometrist, they’re only testing your vision during that one moment in time. Meaning you pay a bunch of money to see an optometrist and can only get tested once. In reality, the results from a single test aren’t perfect.

Think about it, the optometrist’s goal as a business is to see as many people as possible in a single day to maximize their revenue. This limits the number of eye exams they can give you in a single visit. This could put you at risk of wearing glasses that are okay… but far from perfect.

There’s a lot that can mess with the results of an in-office eye exam with your optometrist.

If you’re nervous, have too much caffeine in the morning (which can temporarily blur your vision), or even if the doctor is just in a rush – these factors alone can affect your test results.

Optometrists are aware of this problem but don’t have a lot of options to correct it. In-office appointments are already expensive and stressful enough for patients – imagine having to visit the optometrist 3x more often just to get a single pair of glasses!

What wasn’t practical (or affordable) before has changed with recent advancements in technology and the power of our smartphones with EyeQue!

Does This Replace My Optometrist?

EyeQue isn’t meant to act as a complete replacement to your standard optometrist; they’re still responsible for your eye health, but the device is already extremely popular among optometrists and their patients!

More than 50,000 people have already used it for their own eye exams, with 92% of patients acknowledging the glasses they ordered using EyeQue are as good or better than the pair they have from their last in-office visit. What’s not to love??

Now Is The Best Time To Try EyeQue

In these uncertain times, access to non-emergency health care isn’t always convenient or guaranteed. Getting in to see an optometrist might be harder today than it has been in the past, and you need a reliable solution for ordering your next pair of prescription glasses.

That’s where EyeQue comes in. This safe, easy-to-use technology will help you get even more accurate readings than you could get from an in-office visit, and you don’t have to leave the safety or comfort of your home to use it.

Online glasses retailers like Zenni & EyeBuyDirect (my favorites!!) trust EyeQue’s at-home test results so much they’ll let you skip the in-office exam & optometrist verification! They’re always having sales and have a huge selection of glasses to choose from.

When you need a new pair of glasses, EyeQue will help you save hundreds of dollars in co-pay costs and extended office visits. Believe us, once you try EyeQue for yourself, you’ll never want to go back again.


DISCLAIMER: As of January 7th, 2022* – Ever since the EyeQue blew up on international media, it’s been selling off the shelves. Because of the overwhelming popularity and positive reviews, the company is extending their Buy-1-get-1-free discount for one time only. Stock is NOT guaranteed.

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